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Facial recognition is the future. It’s a very useful biometric that can unlock doors and phones and tablets and cars.

It’s also increasingly intertwined with AI. Facial recognition helps computers understand people.

Plus, it’s fun! People love to post selfies on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This means every new device, street corner, and highway sign will inevitably take your picture and upload it to the internet. It feels like we’re creating our own giant CCTV network.

Before you know it, the internet is going to feel like a giant comic con. We’ll see the whole world as one giant line of Facebook posts.

Facial recognition will be the biggest sensor of all, the one that joins us to the internet, and the one that leads us into new habits of surveillance and sharing.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! Facial recognition is going to start creating value. Soon, every brand will leverage face’s properties to influence how we perceive them.

Plus, it will become the starting point for a slew of personal computing experiences that will change how we interact with computers.

As you’ll see, this is a field with a lot of money and influence.

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