Yesterday, we had the honor of participating in StartUpFuel’s COVID-19 Challenge Finalists & Networking Event, hosted on the wonderful virtual platform created by Gamerjibe. The competition called on all innovators that are working on creating solutions related to the coronavirus pandemic in order to provide the companies us entrepreneurs with support, exposure, and connections to increase our chances of tackling this global crisis at a larger scale and accelerated pace.

Being selected as the Top Ten Finalists out of many applicants, we were provided with a virtual booth where we were able to interact with investors and like-minded collaborators showcasing GoodFeelis- our solution to addressing mental health issues that have been exacerbated by this current phenomenon and are overwhelming the mental healthcare system. Popit Ltd – Medication Connected, Brand M3dia Group, Flomics, CovidCare, Adracare Inc.,, Radetec Diagnostics, REACT Innovations and NeedMoreMed were the other innovative 9 finalists with whom we got to share this wonderful space in order to contribute in some way to the problems caused by COVID19.

The event hosted not only a concentration of interesting early-stage startups from a diverse range of geographies – but also anyone working in the innovation sector such as investors, service providers, startup enablers, media, etc. Keeping up to date with the realities of the global marketplace – is more important now than ever, especially in these uncertain times– but the ability to discuss these with peers from across the globe was also very useful in finding leads and creating opportunities for all actors.

PS. We got to dress up our virtual avatars and have unlimited virtual cocktails.. all from the comfort of our own homes!

That's a wrap!