In the 80s, Daniel Goldman began his theory around emotional intelligence, since then the issue has marked a radical change in the perception and importance we give to emotions. Increasingly, there are more studies from prestigious universities such as UCLA, Harvard and the University of San Diego that confirm the correlation between emotions and health, feelings and productivity, soft skills and leadership. In other words, of the great potential that lies behind the ability to feel which raises our energy and therefore the possibility that we have of materializing projects, of improving our health, of having excellent relationships and generating prosperity. The strange thing is that although to some extent we all now have awareness of the power of our emotions we still continue hiding what we really feel. Exposing our feelings makes us feel vulnerable. We know that Emotions are the vital force of our reality, health, creation, power, relationships, but: How many of us would be willing to reveal our true feelings, and facilitate with that information the search for solutions within communities?

Human consciousness is in a state of constant awakening and when we find something that works for us as individuals

it is time to think towards society. What can we do so that everyone on our planet, our country, our communities, institutions, businesses and people can cooperate towards collective emotional well-being?

The first thing would be to obtain dynamic information about what that community is feeling. Here a very large barrier arises because we often don’t even know what we feel as individuals, or if we know it, we usually only express the positive ones and hide the negative ones. This makes it difficult to perceive the reality and constant changes of the emotions in a group of people in order to be understood as a whole.

Feelings are the interpretation of the thoughts, beliefs and mind of the emotions we experience every day as a reaction to the information that our senses perceive. These feelings mark a vital energy field, hence, if our energy decays this will surely affect not only the individual energy field but also that of the group to which people belong.

Nicola Tesla, the great scientist and inventor gave us the basis for current modern technology, taught us that we should think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. We are now experiencing one of the most incredible transformations in the world: machines and computers are able to learn through algorithms to make predictions using Artificial Intelligence and data mining, simply recognizing our facial, body expressions, our voice, our routines and in general everything related to human language.

Thus, Feelenials was born with the idea that we can visualize the bio-rhythms of positive and negative emotions, so that they can be managed towards the harmony of the flow and movements of the universe, with data that are closer to reality, without people having to say what they feel and without exposing individuals to a stigma for their feelings. This is Artificial Intelligence focused on the human being, which will allow everyone to contribute, but anonymously obtain data on collective emotions in a dynamic and constantly way. So now that many have worried about the happiness of cities, countries and continents, we can also measure the emotional currents on our planet using artificial intelligence by the sum of the emotional analytics of all interconnected organizations, companies, entities, communities and people through devices around the world.

The data of these emotions are very useful as the findings can be analyzed with the support of experts on the science of happiness, and all those disciplines that seek continuous improvement, without excluding the most demanding and hard skills from the perspective of productivity. True cooperation can also be achieved, from: 1) self-realization of each individual, 2) generation of wealth with products in our companies 3) dignified jobs and services, 4) our society improving its conditions of well-being and progress, and 5) a vibrant and sustainable planet that is united by the desire and feelings of human beings who want to preserve their existence.

Can you imagine what you would do as project or business or government leaders, if you could observe in real time the emotional heartbeat of a group of people after an announcement? or an incident? The following question is: What can be done to improve vital energy levels when there is a decrease in people’s happiness? There may be many answers to this simple question, but what is true is that a tool such as the correct application of technology can help us make the collective leap that humanity needs, making the information of our emotions easy, immediate and reliable.

Summary of Pilar Rattan’s talk presented at the 1st Woman Economic Forum LATAM, held in Cartagena, Colombia on August 3, 2019. (Link of the event and agenda)