Feelenials has created a social outreach program, GoodFeelis, to address the Global Mental Health implications caused by the Coronavirus and help fight the crisis together!



Our social program aims to gather Emotional Data so that citizens, caregivers, psychologists, doctors, economists and governments can address the mental health aspects of the pandemic. People are worried about health, jobs, school, money, food and quarantine. GOODFEELIS is an app intended to be used by citizens, healthcare, companies, governments, etc in order to make better decisions for communities, especially now in these times of isolation, uncertainty and anxiety. Users anonymously record emotions, and then appear on a Global Emotions Map. Everyone can zoom into their city or town and see information by demographics. 


When users record and share their emotions in the app, they benefit from tracking their mood, which is a technique in positive psychology and recommended by doctors to patients who want to improve their mental health. In addition, the application includes gamifications that allow the user to accumulate points and level up, making it a fun and educational tool.