AI powered,
emotion driven.

AI powered,
emotion driven.

We are using
Artificial Intelligence
to humanize our

Technology anddevices have become part of our everyday lives
Thus should be used for our benefit. In Feelenials, we use technology to understand the way people are feeling to benefit individual and group settings.

We understand emotions

to help you take decisions.

 Data is as important as what you do with it, our Emotion Analytics can help you objectively measure how sales, productivity and rotation are correlated with the emotions of your employees.

Our face

We analyze facial micro-expressions to detect the
emotions an individual has during the day, this
information is used to understand how a whole group
of individuals are feeling.

The way we talk

Our words and voice tones are a powerful mechanisms
in expressing how we feel. So by listening to what they
say, we can understand people’s emotions.

Who we are

Our personality plays a big role in how we feel and
whether we choose to express it. Which is why we find
it important to also detect emotions in relation to
the personality of individuals.

In Feelenials, we change the way emotions are measured

 Now you are able to make objective what traditionally had been subjective, through AI algorithms Feelenials helps you understand how your organization feels in order to take better actions for the wellbeing of each one of your employees.

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