Feel, empower.

Real-time emotions of your
organization measured by AI.

Our broad scope allows
us to gather great data!

We are global.


Your data is your data, period.

Happier individuals,
happier communities.

Innovating emotional intelligence
in your work and life.

Every organizationneeds  happy people
Our emotion analytics help you track and improve the moods that drive your company.

All emotions are important for living a full life.

Using facial recognition technology we are able to find out how you feel.

What we do

We make sure to contribute to the well being of people by understanding their emotions from the individual to the collective.


Empowering humans

Inspiring employee engagement by enriching their values and work fulfilment.


Key Happiness Indicator (KHI)

Happiness leads to better performance, which also leads to better profits.

Global Wellbeing

Transforming organizations
to become conscious
of collective emotions.

Do youknow how yourorganization feels?Let AI answer it!

We believe in the importance of the ethical
and responsible use of emotional AI. Feelenials
measures collective emotions that influence
the organization, in an objective and anonymous way.



Download the software and customize according
to the needs.



Check the emotion analytics any time and soon
you'll be able to make predictions of future
organizational behaviour.



Take strategic actions to manage and improve
the emotional environment.

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